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Friday, March 14, 2014

Welcome. This is the starting point. Este es el punto de partida

Creo que esta es la forma más adecuada de difundir, ideas, noticias, captar opiniones (espero que existan algunas) Este día empiezo con el asunto entonces.

Y claro, para llegar un poco más lejos en audiencia, algunas cosas las publicaré en Inglés. No es que el español tenga nada malo, pero inglés habla un gran cantidad de personas inmiscuidas en tecnología y es necesario difundir los pensamientos e ideas interesantes. La democratización del conocimiento viene desde ese punto.

Let´s start!
Technology for banks, what a big field! Yes, but are there  real big and enormous possibilities for new technology and innovation addressed exclusively for banks? Maybe yes, maybe not. As for any other industry, you should look for great thing happening in other places,. take the good ideas, modify and bring them to your home. But no simple, according to studies made by Gartner, for instance, there will be such changes like Internet of  Things where every single appliance is connected to internet. Starting from that point and moving to other fields like for instance nanotechnology, the tech-universe is expanding  at fantastic speed, it is not possible to catch up. From time to time, nevertheless,  comes an outstanding revolution that changes everything! What to say of a number of researching centers, we could point at easily to identify such Microsoft Labs  or complicated ones like CERN. Anyway. from that bunch of sources, there´s the chance to find things like Object Detection and Recognition, Automated Reasoning based on data and data-mining, etc. Putting together all of those technologies is possible to imagine a sort of them making click to offer new services and functionality for banks. Just imagine that you never again need to carry your debit card to take cash from ATMs, just because there is an intelligent software that recognize your face or scans your eyes.

This is all about, trying to find advances in technology, try to discuss how to apply Information Technology and other sciences for the Bank Industry.

I hope of having a good start, and more important to continue. 

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